Sports Injuries

The services we provide can be divided into four areas: prevention of athletic injuries, Recognition, evaluation, and treatment of athlete injuries and illnesses, Rehabilitation and reconditioning of all injuries incurred by student athletes, Health and wellness education.

Understanding Sports Injuries

Sports injuries can take on a variety of forms, from acute damage to the spinal column, joints and to the gradual encroachment of micro-tears in soft tissues that cause chronic pain and stiffness. Examples include:

  • Shoulder and elbow injuries - A combination of weak back muscles and constant throwing motions can damage the shoulder's rotator cuff, the set of muscles that permit full joint motion. This can leave you with acute shoulder pain. Swinging and throwing motions can overwork the elbows and cause soft tissue injuries, especially if your technique is affected by a musculoskeletal imbalance.
  • Herniated disc - A herniated disc can occur due to a sudden impact, such as a fall or football tackle; it can also be the result of a longstanding vertebral subluxation. The disc's inner material presses against nearby nerve roots, causing lower back pain and leg pain.
  • Neck pain - An auto injury isn't the only way you can get whiplash. A serious jolt to the body can whip the head back and forth to cause this serious neck injury. Athletes who are constantly flexing or cracking their necks may also suffer from chronic soft tissue strain.
  • Knee and foot pain - If your musculoskeletal balance is out of line, you may be prone to knee and foot injuries. Runners, for instance, may experience plantar fasciitis (soft tissue strain the arch of the foot) and/or a painful condition called runner's knee – Oshkosh Slater.

The right course of sports injury rehab can get you back in the game and help you stay there. If you're benched by a sports injury, it's time to seek out the the help for rehabilitation for neck pain, shoulder pain, herniated disc pain, and lower back pain. Call us at (714) 550-6399.

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